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About Us

Mindbuilders Preschool is an early learning environment committed to maximizing a child’s potential by creating exciting experiences that will inspire enthusiasm for learning.

Within the nurturing walls of Mindbuilders Preschool,

caring teachers strive to encourage and enhance children in all areas of development.

The teachers of Mindbuilders use progressive methods of teaching in a child-centered classroom. There is a balance between play and academics that will prepare children for formal schooling.

According to Howard Gardner, the proponent of the Multiple Intelligence theory,

children are intelligent in eight different ways. Mindbuilders Preschool aims to develop these intelligences that are innate in every child – linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial,

musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, kinesthetic and naturalist.

In addition, children learn best through concrete experiences

guided by a teacher who functions as a facilitator. Their learning is further enhanced

through an effective partnership between the school and their families.

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