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I think what separates MB from the different preschools is the heart and soul they put into their work which is reflected in all the activities they put together, from the various Chopin community projects, to the Christmas program and the Familympics. They keep it engaging not only for the kids, but their families as well. Values are not taught, but rather demonstrated through actions, and MB does a great job in leading the way for the kids.

I am impressed with the curriculum and teaching methods based on my child's progress this school year. Several times during the year, I was surprised by all the things my child can now do - reading, math functions, etc. I am also happy about the development of his confidence and independence. Such a big leap from the beginning of the school year. I feel very confident that he is ready to go to a big school after he leaves Mindbuilders next year.

Mindbuilders Preschool has easily adapted during the pandemic. It was not easy at first, but with the help of everyone in Mindbuilders, my child was able to adjust as well.

Student and values-centered. very supportive and attends to the needs  of the students and partner with the parents/guardian on how to effectively create a fun and learning environment. Thank you!

Mrs. Pineda

Caring and loving environment to kids; close community and tight bond which extends even after graduation.

Mr. Escurel

It touches all points of learning. my child's development is HOLISTIC. School has become her second home is always excited to go to school as you've made this a fun experience for her.

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