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"Mindbuilders Preschool is a school that really values the students
and their families.  I love how family-oriented the school is
and how they really do their best in every lesson and activity.
Students have fun while learning."

Dr. Caroline Aquino-Biolena

Mrs. Marla Buensalido

"The curriculum promotes holistic development.
Mindbuilders also provides parents with opportunities
to participate in school activities, creating a strong
school-home partnership for the child's development.
Mindbuilders Preschool always listens
and considers parents' feedback and suggestions."

"Mindbuilders is consistent in their support,
not just for our children but for the parents as well. 
I appreciate the efforts of the teachers, who constantly provide the kids
with positive and affirming words. What I also love about Mindbuilders
is the various programs they offer to supplement the children's interests
beyond academics.  I'm always excited to know about their summer programs
and other offerings. They also have seminars and webinars for parents too. Mindbuilders is not just an educational place for our children to learn,
but also a community that makes everybody feel like family."

Mrs. Charisse Bundoc

Mrs. Irene Eustaquio

"Without a doubt, as parents, we made the right decision

in enrolling our daughter Ikeisha with Mindbuilders Preschool.

The emphasis is in the word 'partner'.

Mindbuilders has been a GREAT partner in our child’s education.

Working together, involving the parents with their activities, especially Familympics.

I can proudly say, that our daughter’s 3 years of preschool education

with Mindbuilders is the BEST foundation for education any kid could have."

Ms. Kathleen Ann Labutong

"The teachers are amazing, the curriculum is second to none

and each child is treated with care. Though it is a small school,

it allows for a lower student to teacher ratio, giving children

more confidence when asking questions, engage in group activities, and more opportunities communicating with the teacher.

Great job Mindbuilders!"

Mrs. Kat Tapia

"We love Mindbuilders! It has been our second 'home' for 6 years — since our boys were in Kindermusik, until Kinder level.
We can say that the teachers know the kids well 
and what their strengths are, and build on this."


"The teachers are capable and competent... but most importantly, they genuinely care about their students."

Mrs. Lace Tiu

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