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Our FAQs

What programs do we offer?

We accommodate children ages 2 (Pre-Nursery), 3 (Nursery), 4 (Pre-Kinder) and 5 years old (Kinder).

What is our curriculum?

Mindbuilders Preschool is a progressive preschool and we practice in our core curriculum Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. We will continue to deliver quality education to our preschoolers with a new learning modality that Mindbuilders will offer for the school year 2022 – 2023. As a proactive move despite the unpredictability of this period, the school will offer the Mindbuilders Hybrid Program (MBHP).

(BY AUGUST 2022)

Pre-Nursery - 2 years old
Nursery - 3 years old
Pre-Kinder - 4 years old
Kinder - 5 years old

Do you offer a trial class?

Yes. We offer a 1-day free trial class. To schedule an appointment, please click on the admission tab or text us at 0927 2062506 or 0939 3527809.

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